Follow along with our fundraising progress.

Fundraising Status

$550 Application Fee - 100% Funded
$1,500 Domestic Services Fee - 100% Funded
$160 Background Check Fees 100% Funded
$3,500 Home Study Fee - 100% Funded
$7,500 Program Fee 1 - 91% Funded
$14,000 Placement Fee - 0% Funded
$1,950 Post Placement Fee - 0% Funded
Up to $3000 for Birth Mother Medical Expenses - 0% Funded
$32,160 Total Financial Cost of Adoption - 39% Funded

Be sure to check out our blog for the latest info on our fundraising events. See our Blog here 

That’s where you can come in. There are two ways that you can help to contribute.

1. You can contribute to the Lifesong matching grant program offered through Josiah’s Adoption Fund located here( ) and it will be matched.

2. You can purchase coffee through our gobena store and they will donate 50% of any purchase to the grant fund and that will be matched. This means that with the grant anything you purchase will generate 100% towards our adoption after the match.