Dusten Harward

Dusten is a tech guy at heart. He loves to work with computers, lighting equipment, sound boards, and really anything with buttons. He’s been working with church audio equipment since he was 12. He built his first computer at 13 from scrap parts he found when someone else discarded an old computer. The computer was a Dos 3.1 computer that he used for games. Dusten is very passionate about technology systems and how to best use them in and for ministry.

Dusten is a very handy guy and loves to get his hands dirty in whatever DIY project he is currently working on. He and his wife renovated a 1940’s house in downtown Cornelius; with the age of the house there is always something to repair. His favorite project at their house is the expertly repaired 1940’s refrigerator! From hosting small groups in their home, to working for LFC-H, Dusten loves being able to use his gifts to serve the Kingdom.

Dusten’s other passion is hiking or camping with his family. He loves to get outdoors and camp away from all the distractions of life!

Dusten and his wife Recah have been married for 9 years and they have a young son named Grayson. You will often see Grayson strutting around behind Dusten carrying a cable or microphone! Dusten is a wonderful father and loves to show Grayson how to care for the equipment before taking a quick break to play on the drums.

Personal Blog: DustenHarward.com

Recah Harward

Hi Friends!

I’m so glad you’re here! My goal with this little slice of internet is to bring glory to God through chronicling our family’s journeys! I am a type A, INFJ with an Enneagram number 1. I don’t do anything halfway – I either do it or I don’t. We will see how this blogging journey goes!  

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and now live in the small town of Cornelius in a renovated 1940’s cape cod style house. We have two dogs, a 70lb golden retriever named Sadie, and a 10lb Maltese-poodle named Molly. We also have a 4 year old little boy, Grayson. Dusten and I met attending an outreach group at college and when he was left after all our friends coupled up one summer, we decided to go out. Two years later we were married! God has brought us through plenty of disagreements and even some life threatening illnesses, but He has been faithful and for that I am forever grateful. 

By trade and training, I am an NCIDQ licensed interior designer. For the past several years I have worked for an architecture firm designing commercial interiors for veterinary hospitals. I also received my Fear Free certification in 2018. 

I have a love for design and making beautiful spaces that speak to people on their first visit or their hundredth visit. 

I am a city girl to the core – like give me all the Prime, Whole Foods, and street festivals! I do not like hiking or anything to do with the outdoors and dirt. I will however weed my garden once a year. Lol! I like to say the vegetables we’ve grown have been my doing, but I would be lying and I don’t believe in that! Let’s just say Dusten is a saint in all things old-house-maintenance, garden, and tech. He is my opposite in every way and together we can solve any problem! 

I am a total foodie and I’m still learning to not be ashamed of that. I absolutely love sweet carbs, and salty carbs…Ok, really just carbs in general, but I also believe that what we feed our body affects how we feel physically. Being gluten and dairy free has been eye-opening and rewarding. For the record, I absolutely love nachos – I am rather snobbish about them too. BBQ nachos are my go-to easy dinner, and man are they good! 

If you’ve read all the way to the end, I’m so incredibly grateful for you, my friend! Feel free to reach out on any social media sites (Recah_Harward) or email me at Hello(at)recahharward.com. I’d love to hear from you!