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Start the Journey

Posted by on December 26, 2011

Life is a Journey from Dusten Harward on Vimeo.

I send Recah on a scavenger hunt to visit all of the significant places around town. Here is the video record of her stops and the wonderful surprise that awaited her at the end of the hunt. (If this is loading too slow you can turn off the HD video)

7 Responses to Start the Journey

  1. Jinny & Aja

    Congrats ya’ll! I love the engagement scene! Beautiful! I know that you both will be very happy!!!

  2. Brandy

    aww congrats guys!! i think i had tears by the end of the video! this was the sweetest thing ever!!

  3. Dusten + Recah

    Thank You Brandy.

  4. Laura

    Dusten, I balled like a baby watching this! It could not have been any sweeter. I know Recah just loved what you did for your engagement. I wish you two all the happiness in the world…and lots more new business for us for your future…because you know what they say…first comes love…then comes marriage…then comes Dusten pushing a baby carriage!!! hahaha!!

    Thanks for sharing this!! Happy New Year!! and Happy New Life Together!!

    • Dusten + Recah

      hahaha. thank you very much Laura. I found out after the fact that Recah really likes scavenger hunts. She had a great time. “It was the longest 3 miles across town I have ever driven.” She said.

  5. Janet Schultz

    Wow Dusten. Very impressive. This was so very cute and one of the sweetest things I have seen. I watched the whole video.
    Congratulations, you guys.